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Please stop sending me notes on this account, guys.
If you really need to contact me contact :iconrumiiya: since that's where I am now. Thanks.
So as I'm sure you've all figured out, I no longer use this account.
As such I'm going to update you all on the rules for the models I've previously released. 

The new rules are that you're free to take parts, but please don't just re-colour, though I would still appreciate if sexual content could be avoided.
Primarily for Tokiko, since she's an asexual, aromantic character.

My reasons for coming back to update my rules are simple. As I gave up MMD and actually focused on art, it really hit me how much of a hypocrite I had been, as my own artwork has been stolen numerous times. By disregarding a modeler's rules and ripping their hard work apart without permission, I was no better than the same people who were stealing my work. Sure, I gave credit, but that doesn't make it okay. If I was going to do that, then turn around and get mad when people edited my edits, how was that fair? Simple; it wasn't. So though I can't undo what I did or make the thousands of you un-download my models, I'm going to at the bare minimum stop being a pissy hypocrite. 

I've also received several notes inquiring about why I left and instead of answering them all individually I'll just say here.
I left because I hated almost all my characters here. I left because I could not get the respect I wanted as an artist while having a gallery full of 10~20 minute pictures with no thought in them. I left because the MMD community is full of horrible, transphobic people that I want 0 affiliation with. But most of all I left because I just simply lost an interest in continuing on with what I was doing. 
To those of you who enjoyed my work I'm sorry to have just stopped without a word, and just never uploaded anything again.
I'm also sorry to those of you here who showed me genuine interest and kindness. You made me feel appreciated and for that I'm thankful, since it gave me the confidence in my creative ability, well founded or not, to step outside my box and grow farther as an artist. 

I really hope you can all start showing the people who spend hours on models they give you for free the respect they deserve (And thank you to those of you who do already.) and just be generally kinder to each other. A lot of you are good people, and I really believe that, I just hope you continue to do whatever makes you happy, so long as it's respectful and you stay conscience of other people's feelings.
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